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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CV Summer Auto Fashions

The sunflowers are beginning to fade, but maybe it will blow away. The others are nicely tailored.
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  1. Hi Elaine,

    The Coefficient of FP&D on this one is a solid 500.

    Dave Israel

  2. I am assuming that after weeks or months of covering your car there would be mold build up under the cover. I never had a cover for my car and don't know anyone who has one to find this out. I am curious.

  3. I think our hot air prevents mold outdoors. I have a Tyvek breathable type cover, no mold. Even the sunflower shower curtain seems to be OK, tho' unbreathable plastic is stuck down. (Not mine :-))

    Dave's just jealous, he has no tacky shower curtain for his Lexus.

  4. Ah say, Ah do believe that is mah showah curtain!


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