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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Hi all,
Much ado about the clubhouse, "words are spreading  like wildfire", "it has been heard at the pool, on the buses" As always, these are not where facts are found!

The upgrades to the Switchgear are major and pervasive to the electrical control system in the main Clubhouse. As always in such cases, it all comes down to Permits, Punch  lists and Inspections; and, oh yes RESEARCH.

So, where might such Information be found? The place to start is the Palm Beach County, Planning, Zoning and Building web site:

The principal things to know are the owner of the property = Benenson Capital, The Contractors = Bluewater Construction and Proton Electric. and finally of course the Permit numbers = E-2011- 012776-0000 and E-2011-007222-0001.

All of these things to be found on the PZB Site!

Finally, the process was modulated by a little matter of hurricane Irene which widely dispersed FPL troops.
Following are images of the inspection reports:

As you can see, with a bit of study, we are close; and hopefully with a bit of luck the 15th. is on target.
Take that to the pools and buses!
Dave Israel


  1. Thanks David. I know I can always
    count on you for correct answers
    and that is why in my opinion you
    are a great President of CV.

  2. Thank you Dave. Excellent response, as usual. I agree you have been the best thing UCO has seen for many years.

  3. As always, thank you David for your dedication to finding the Truth. You are indeed the best President C.V. has ever had.

  4. Thanks for filling us in on so many things, Dave, not just the Clubhouse switchgear/electrical progress. From August 8 to September 15 isn't bad considering delays are the norm and the impact of Hurricane Irene on FPL. I like your last line: "Take that to the pools and buses!"


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