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Monday, September 12, 2011

To Bid or Not to Bid When and Where is the Question

Do we have a conclave of clairvoyants in Century Village or are residents expected to use some form of telepathy to know when the Bid Committee intends to meet?
Yet again, the lengthy list of UCO monthly meetings is minus notification of the Bid Committee, so would someone please tell me how residents can possibly attend to witness all the astonishing work this committee allege to have accomplished.

As we know Bid Committee Overseer, VP Frank Cornish, believes in calling a spade a blooming shovel.
With exquisite lack of sensitivity in the May issue of the UCO Reporter, he publicly castigated UCO President David Israel for failing to advise him of a meeting and I quote : “On March 30, 2011, an Operations Meeting was cancelled and rescheduled for the afternoon . I had to read about it on the blog. Why was I not notified that the meeting was rescheduled, even though I was in my office until 11-30 am. The office has my phone numbers. This is unacceptable behaviour.”
Frank mounts his 'Why wasn't I told' soap box again in his July Column.: “The first time I heard about the closing of OUR Clubhouse was at the May 31 st Operations meeting. It was decided at a closed meeting of the Operations on March 30 which I was not notified of.”

Apart from the legal implications, is it not more than a little hypocritical to complain when the deed is done to you while continuing to inflict it on others?
Also, jumping on the campaign of double standards, Bid Committee Member, Toni Salometo, claims the committee does not meet in secret. “They do in fact meet in the UCO Conference room”, she explained, and “hold open discussions”. Highly commendable you might think if only any of us knew when these open discussions are going to take place.
I would hate to deprive Reporter readers the pleasure of the literary gems of response both these Bid Committee members have in store, other than to say Frank Cornish concluded his by saying if the Reporter had any questions he would be pleased to answer them.
We did and he didn't.

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  1. Please post Bid Cmte meetings, if they are too erratic for the Open Mtg list, then please give them a quick note in the Posted area.


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