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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Sent: Saturday, September 17, 2011 9:09 AM

Subject: SCAMD - Protect Your Home - Attend The Sept 26th County Vote.

In 2005, we went to a BDMIA (Boca Del Mar Improvement Association) monthly board meeting because we heard they wanted to build on the golf course.We were told at that meeting, we were too late, its a "Done Deal. Six years later... and we are still fighting.



Attend the Board of County Commissioners Hearing & Final Vote:


Monday September 26, 2011
9:30 A.M.
Government Center
301 North Olive Avenue, 6th Floor
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
When you go fill out a white comment card and indicate you oppose the application
If you do not want to speak you indicate that on the card
But they are counting the cards and we MUST overflow the hearing
Take off from work, carpool, organize your neighbors. If you want your opinion to be counted or heard show up.
(Siemens Hires Buses & Gives Out FREE lunch to get people to attend)
Protect Your Neighborhood From:



(According to P.B. County Zoning Commissioner Joanne Davis Wildflowers MUST be burned every four years)
Tell the County Commissioners
Protect ALL 143 Acres Promised As Open Space in Our 1971 Master Plan
Do Not Break the County's 40 Year Promise to Homeowners
Do Not Sell Us Out To Land Speculators Who Are Flipping the Property
No Government Bailout for Golf Course Owners’ Poor Business Decision
291 New Townhouses Competing With Our Used Resales Will Drive Our Prices Down
Developer Has No Right To Build Unless The County Gives Him That Right
There Are Other Solutions They Just Aren’t As Lucrative For the Owner
Its NOT about wildflowers, the viability of golf, or jobs, its about a $100,000,000.00 project for Siemens
And they have been lousy neighbors and should clean this mess up NOW no matter what happens!
Email the P.B. County Commissioners

(Final Push For The Finish)
To Donate Go To Our Website - click DONATE
Or make out a check to:
Second Coalition Against Mizner Dev. Inc
P.O. 810831 Boca Raton, FL 33481
We Are S.C.A.M.D.
Second Coalition Against Mizner Development
And we approve this message.


  1. Since we don't live in Boca Raton I believe it is a waste of time to go to the meeting.

  2. The Commissioners will be influenced by the number of comment cards from people attending the meeting. That is why the Boca developer is providing free lunch and buses for his supporters. Thanks for the posting Dave. Where is the Proactive Cmte?
    Congrats to the Boca group on detailed informative website.

  3. Here is email from Boca group, land trust, ahah!:
    SCAMD - Alternative Development options
    Each case will be different, this is our hope for our case.

    In 2006 when Commissioner Mary McCarty voted against the previous application she stated there are three possible outcomes, the way she sees it:

    A) The owner could continue to hold the property and pay his mortgage payments and taxes and do nothing with property.
    B) The bank could foreclose.
    C) They could sell it a loss to other interested parties.

    They of course may re-open it as a golf course at anytime.

    According to the Circuit Court Judge who ruled on this case in 2008, and according to William Anderson the PBC Zoning Commissioner who testified several weeks ago, the owner just paid too much for the property paying $8.2 million dollars with nothing down which made the interest payments too high for the golf course to be profitable. These are not our conclusions, these are the governments conclusion.

    The County Commissioner's will be making their decision based on County Code and the recommendation of the Zoning Staff who recommended for denail and the Zoning Commissioners who voted to deny.

    If the application is denied by the Commissioners on September 26th, there are those in the community that have made some preliminary contacts with other entities that may be interested in buying the property at a fair market value. There are some that say golf may in fact be viable in the future when this recession ends if it can be purchased at the right price. If that is true, it is for them to make an offer to current owner.

    There is a group that is willing to attempt to create a land trust to purchase the property to gift it back to the community to create an eco-friendly irrigated park with hiking and bike trails. National land trusts have been formed all over the country to buy up private land in an effort to preserve open space.

    Perhaps the current owner will have to take a loss, but many other people are in this same position, they are not immune from the current reality of the economy.

    The owner of the property is in the driver seat though, that's also the reality, and no one can force him to sell. We trust that if the application to develop the property is denied for the second time in five years which was upheld in Circuit Court, that they may realize its time to cut their losses and sell. Its costing them money to hang onto it.

  4. The 9/26 PBC Commissioners mtg resulted in a narrow 4-3 victory against the Siemens development plan


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