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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Salon 27, formerly located at the NW corner of Haverhill & Okeechobee, has re located to the Andros Shopping Center,
on the NW side of Okeechobee, just a few steps away from Publix.
They have as well changed their name to "Salon Andros"..their
phone number remains the same, as does their warm friendly staff...


  1. Apparently they're tiring of the swarm of old lady biddies as their bread and butter. My Mom uses "Lola's Salon" on Haverhill Rd. Below Publix.

  2. The reason they moved is because the area wasn't safe for the customers and themselves. There was a shooting not too long ago at 3am in the morning on Saturday involving the nightclub. It was roped off and the staff of Salon 27 could not get in. Eventually they were allowed in. They were advised to move their location. There also has been robberies during the day. It is a miracle they were not robbed in the shop. I was a little uneasy going there. I have been going to Salon 27 since I moved here in 2007 and also now going to the Salon at Andros. The new salon is beautiful and quite convenient being near Publix. I also find it much safer to shop there at Publix since most of the time I shop alone. (Husband hates to shop.)

  3. Jbuskin:
    Your assessment needs to
    be re-assessed!
    Cathy stated the reason
    for re-location..."Safety"
    period, end of story....
    As a side note, PBCSO
    has been called on many
    occasions, by CV residents
    to investigate disturbances
    ( gun firings/fights etc)
    As for your Mom's preference
    and I must assume she falls
    into the Sr. catagory, she
    too could be considered by
    some as a "old lady biddie"
    who frequent the salon
    My post,was for "Change of
    Location" only..not to promote a Salon.

  4. understood. i know there was considerable police activity in that shopping center. yes my mom is an old biddie, too. she lives on because i take care of her. i may try the "baby boomers club" if anyone knows anything about them. 50's dont have much in common with 80's. sometimes i wish i lived off-campus but mom comes first for now. besides, century is the best deal in town. just wish there were more people closer to my age. as the supervisor of the 2000 census ten years ago, i do see the demographic changing slowly. maybe our rewards truly are in "the world to come"

  5. J, email Lynn at and ask to be put on Boomers emailing list. It's true the village is not homogeneous, our ages span 50 years and 3 generations.

  6. Good for Salon 27, moving to a safer location. I don't have my hair cut there, but I know people who do and who like the place. Also, I know one of the hairdressers, a very warmhearted person. So, I say good for them and good for the old biddies! I am an old goat myself.

  7. ibushkin, my husband and I are also babyboomers and get along very well with seniors that are our age group through the 100's. When we first moved here, we were impressed with the elder seniors. They had more energy than we did and a very lively bunch. Between golfing, bowling, swimming, boating, club house activities and volunteering, I sincerely don't know how they get their energy. Century Village is a great place to live. No wonder they last so long.

    Our thing is bowling at Verdes Tropicana. We have people that are in our leagues in their 90s and still bowling. In Verdes, when you reach 90 and belong to a league, you bowl for free.

    See, it doesn't matter how old you are, we all have something in common.


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