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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Food Truck Frenzy

In the Publix shopping centre on Community Drive. Parking lot packed to capacity. About 50 different food trucks selling all kinds of foods. Mexican, Caribbean, Indian, Hamburgers, Italian, Pizza, made on the back of a converted fire truck, subs, hot dogs, ribs, delicious looking desserts, ices, cupcakes, smoothies and coffee. I am sure that I left out a few others. What did I eat? Pizza. How exciting. The line wasn't as long as some of the others and I was very hungry. Did I have one of the many desserts, no, but I wanted to.


  1. Haven't a clue as to why there is such a long space to the end.

  2. It was so crowded a couple of us intrepid villagers didn't even see you Grace, we could have had strategy to hold spots in the 30+ line at food truck Dim Ssäm à gogo from Sakaya Kitchen. WPB people clearly knew something about that Asian Fusion food (there are lots of links online).
    PS The layout of a post changes depending what size screen you use. I removed a few end spaces.

  3. Thanks Elaine. Too bad I missed seeing you. I was looking for you actually. Knew you would be there. Next time.

  4. This seems to be the trend
    in both New York & Los Angles, as reported by
    various members of my family
    for quite some time now...
    Guess it was a matter of
    time to appear locally...

  5. for those who missed it or want more- repeat 2 October noon to 7 at Mounts Botanical Gardens. double treat!

  6. Never having been to the gardens, do they have a large parking lot to accomodate all the trucks and cars? The shopping centre had a very large parking lot and it was jammed.

  7. waiting for some info from Mounts Botanical re parking/gourmet truck event- crowd? will post as soon as I hear.

  8. here's the reply from the Mounts Botanical events lady:

    The food trucks will be within our Garden so not to worry about them taking valuable parking.
    We frequently have large events that attract thousands, so this is nothing new for us...we got it!
    We have a front parking lot that holds 50 cars, rear lot- 125 cars and access to Driver License property - 200+?? cars...alot of space...
    We also have roadside parking that our members use frequently at events.
    These lots will be open and ready for use.
    Also,our event is from Noon-7pm so we expect a steady crowd throughout the day.

    Thanks for your interest we'll see u then..

    Joy Le


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