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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Third Nail Project

What is the "Third nail project?"


  1. I believe there will be a Town Meeting and a Delegate Assy presentation on the 3rd nail. This would be an additional nail on the outer ends of every truss in the attic.

  2. Hi Denny,

    This project applies to our Associations which have other than flat roofs. Two story buildings.

    The fasteners that attach the roof to the building are so affixed with two nails.

    If they were affixed with three nails, the resistance to wind uplift damage would be significantly increased.

    This hardening of our structures would probably result in reduction in premium for your homeowners insurance, after a re-inspection and production of a new set of mitigation reports.

    There may also be a reduction in premium for your Association insurance coverage.

    Dave Israel

  3. $23.56 per nail and $2.00 per nail is a huge difference. How many trusses would need to be nailed for, say, a typical 26-unit (3-building) association? (I guess I could count ours.) I would hope cost could be kept down, but at the same time one would want the JOB to be done right and not just satisfy the insurance agencies.

    If associations have Worker's Comp insurance as one of their 10 or 11 coverages, why is this a concern?

    I would be concerned about workers stepping between the floor joists and punching a hole through someone's ceiling. This can happen easily in hot, crowded attic space with little headroom at the eaves. You have to have the repaired portion of ceiling match the old one AND, quite often, repaint the entire ceiling so the color matches.

    Will the company doing the work have insurance coverage to cover this?

    My guess, too, is that a $2.00-per-nail company employing guys off the street to do this work would be much more likely to do a shabby job ("who's going to see how I nail this anyway?") and have workers step through ceilings.

    I am glad this work may SAVE on insurance rates, not be a REQUIREMENT FOR CONTINUING COVERAGE as was the case with securing the exterior a/c compressors. This IS right, isn't it?

  4. When and where is the town meeting?

  5. When and where is the town meeting?

  6. It sounds to me like one of the great rip offs for the coming year. Apparently, Bernie Madoff is alive and well in the insurance and contracting industry!


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