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Monday, October 31, 2011

How Many Votes Are Enough?

I have read Dave's article regarding Delegate's Votes. The more I think about it I can see that if this is allowed it will create many problems.
We have a lot of people or corporations who have bought up condos. If they so desired, they can speak to the Board, if there is a Board or people who are disinterested in their Board to become the Delegate. As well Mark Levy has foreclosed on many condos in the village. What if he becomes a delegate to his many holdings. Can you justs imagine what will happen and the votes that can be swayed so that a corporation or individual can dictate what happens in our Village. Delegates should think very carefully before they vote to allow more than 1 vote to a delegate.


  1. Thanks for thinking it through for me Grace. Lots of chuckholes and traps.

  2. Over the past two years I have been reading books about the Revolutionary War and the founding of the United States. One thing that stands out is the care that our forefathers took to ensure checks and balances in the new US Constitution. The purpose of checks and balances was to prevent abuse of powers. I can see an abuse of powers looming before us if any one person can be a delegate representing multiple associations at our delegate assemblies. I'm going to vote against this being allowed (or for the prohibition of it, whichever way it is worded).

  3. Hi Grace,
    The proposed amendment is a restriction which will prevent a Delegate or Alternate Delegate from representing more than one association at a time. Presently, the UCO Bylaws contains no such restriction. A "YES" vote supports this proposed restriction.


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