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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cell Phone plan - update

Hi everyone,
I wrote in a few weeks ago asking about recommendations on cell phone packages. I want to thank everyone that took the time to answer me. It really helped. I wanted to update and let you know what we decided on and why.
Lanny and others had suggested the phone from Walmart. It sounded like a good deal. We headed over there a couple of times. The problem was, there was always a long line of people trying to get more minutes. We probably just hit it at a bad time - but decided that we didn't want to deal with that on a regular basis. I also called several big companies, but the minimum was higher than we wanted to spend.

We finally decided on the Jitterbug from GreatCall. It's working out wonderfully. We love the phone. It is very sturdy, great sound, has real big buttons and big numbers when you are dialing. Has a terrific speaker phone so you don't have to hold it up to your ear.
The phone was $85 to purchase. Once you get the phone (they send it to you in 1 day), you then call to activate it. There is an activation fee of $35 plus tax. You speak to a live operator.

The plan is $19.99 a month and you get 100 nationwide or local minutes a month that will carry over. I think they drop off after a while (can't quite remember). We just got the first bill. With tax it comes to $25 a month and change. There is no contract so you are suppose to be able to cancel anytime you want.

Well - anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone and share what we ended up with. It's perfect for our needs. So far, so good...

Have a wonderful weekend all and thanks!

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