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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shingles Shot

Can someone tell me if there are any plans in the works to offer the Shingles Shot here in the village? I thought I remembered flu shots being offered and lately I have heard about so many people getting shingles, I was just wondering.
Thank you.


  1. While the shingles shots may not be available in the Village, they were given at the Walgreens Take Care Health System on Lake Worth Rd. You might wnt to give them a call at 561-965-3060 to find out whether they are still available. It's an expensive shot, but if your insurance plan covers it, it is free -- otherwise $219.99. The pharmacist there can tell you whether you are covered by showing him your secondary insurance card. I got the shot last May and did not pay for it.

  2. Hi all,

    George Pitell sends along the following comment:

    While in NY in the summer of 2010 I spoke with a friend who had shingles a few years before. She told how terrible it was and recommended to everyone she knows to get the shot. I saw that the medical office here in CV was advertising flu and shingles shots, and intended to look into this when I came back to CV. In Nov 2010 I went in and and asked about the shingles shot and was told it was only being given to patients of doctors in the CV medical bldg which I was not.

    My own doctor told me to get the vaccine at a local Walgreen near her office. I went there sometime in Dec and was told they were out of it and would be getting it but not likely til sometime in January and they took my name and phone number for them to call me when it came in. I got no call but on a visit to the pharmacy in the CV I saw a notice that they were taking names for appointments to get the shingles shot on 1/19 I made the appointment. I had been given costs as high as $220.00. On 1/19 I was told the cost to me under my insurance was $45.00. A woman who was no doubt a senior came for her appointment and was told her cost was $198.00.

    I was given the shot. Four days later while at my doctors office I told her of a "rash and itching" in the small of my back and some pain in my left leg. Looking at my back she told me I had shingles. I told her I just had the shot 4 days before and she could not offer any explanation having never see nor heard of this happening.

    Most significantly, I was never in great pain like my friend and others have descibed where they were unable to bear the touch of a piece of clothing touching there skin. The itch and pain in my leg went away in a week or so with taking the presriptions my doctor gave me. I consider myself fortunate. Did the shot bring on the shingles? Did the shot lesson the severity of my case? Who knows. I was told I could feel some effect for months or years.

    George R. Pittell

  3. Wow, what a story. This shingles is terrible. Reading this story, make you not sure if you should get the shot or not. I'm thinking yes to the shot. Too bad it's so expensive. Hard for a lot of people. I was just told by my insurance company today that I can get it if I get a prescription from my doctor and mail it in to my insurance company. Then it will be sent to me overnight delivery. I then take it to my doctor's office and have him administer the shot. Wonder why they make it so hard?

  4. I was fortunate my secondary insurance paid for it. Medicare will NOT. I suggest you call your secondary and ask if they cover it and get a formal approval.

  5. A few years ago, my doctor told me about the (then new) shingles shot. He said that shingles in an elderly person can be very painful, irritating, and hard to get rid of, sometimes lasting months. At the time it was not covered either by Medicare or a supplemental ("Medigap") insurance I carry, so I had to pay $200, and did.

    Am I glad I had it done. Since then I've heard of more friends--seniors-- who have come down with a dose of the shingles. With some it is worse than with others, but it is no fun in anyone.

    I'm sure you know what shingles is. When we were kids we had chicken pox. and we thought this made us immune to chicken pox in the future. It did and it didn't. The virus remained in us, but our immune systems kept it at bay. So we were immune for years, but now that we're in our old age, our immune systems aren't what they used to be, and with the chicken pox virus still in us, it can break out in the form of singles. This is what I have been told.

    My advice would be: If you possibly can, scrape up whatever it costs to get the shot and have it done. You'll be glad when you hear of more and more of your friends who came down with a nasty case of shingles.

  6. Addendum: You won't (I hope) be glad your friends have come down with shingles. You'll be glad you had your shingles shot.

  7. My friend suffered intense pain from shingles and it was months befor the pain was completely gone.

    the inconvenience of a shot is a small price to pato avoid this condition.

  8. I had to nag, pester, and finally change Drs before I was able to get it, but that was 2008. It was scarce and had special refrigeration requirements. It was expensive but important to me to have even a 64% chance of not getting shingles.
    From the internet - “Researchers found that the vaccine reduced the occurrence of shingles by about 50% among persons age 60 years and older. The vaccine is most effective for those age 60–69 years (64%); effectiveness declined with increasing age to 41% for those age 70–79 years and 18% for those age 80 years and older.”

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