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Monday, January 16, 2012

Mr. Clean Needed

We find the monthly hose does not clean our building walkways. We do not want to repaint yet. Has anyone tried a service or floor scrubber or other method to spiff things up. TIA.


  1. You could invest in a pressure washer. They just hook up to your hose and an electrical outlet.

  2. Hi Elaine,
    7:57 AM on Jan 16, 2012,

    Who, exactly is "the monthly hose"?

    Dave Israel

  3. Maintenance contract – 'All walkways are to be hosed once monthly'. The hose gives a low pressure rinse. We have had spot treatment with mildicide and scrubbing.
    People are noticing the difference between the old contract – once per week and the new monthly deal. that allows stains and spots to become hardened.
    Just for Dave, here is the science project. McDonalds hot chocolate dribbles washed off the outer walkway in the first rain shower, but dribbles left in dry areas for 3 weeks have chemically bonded with our paint. Now fading after hosing and 2 sessions of scrubbing!

  4. A little off the subject but close - I'm wondering if when Seacreast sprays the windows, they should be spraying the front doors. I worry about the doors rusting.

  5. We are having our walkways painted in a few weeks. They were painted a couple of years ago. In the 2 years they are stained and scratched and look terrible. The building doesn't need painting. What I won't have done again is the pressure cleaning once a year. A waste of time and money. It doesn't clean anything. If there are spots on the building they are still there.

  6. Hi Grace,
    We are having Mid South Painting paint our building, stairs and walks. Stephen, their representative, is excellent, and the company does a great job. Anyway, something I learned from Stephen: The walks always are a problem unless the initial coat was done with the kind of paint that penetrates into the concrete. In most cases in the Village it was not. The best they can do then is just paint and repaint walks every couple of years. They don't then use an undercoat on walks, because the point of an undercoat would be to penetrate, which it can't on top of other paint.

    Their guarantees on wood surfaces, stucco, and walks differ. For walks I think it is only two years.

    The alternative is to sandblast off all the accumulated paint on walks down to the concrete--an expensive proposition and a huge dusty mess--and start from scratch. I could be more specific if I had my notes handy. This is from memory.


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