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Monday, January 2, 2012

Cell Phones for Seniors

Does anyone have any recommendations for simple cell phones (and plans) for those of us that don't live on our phones? I would like to find a good plan that won't break my bank. I don't need internet access, don't need texting - just a good phone that I can place a call on now and again, when the need so arises.
Someone mentioned Jitterbug for Seniors to me. Looked reasonable, $19.99 a month for 100 minutes to use each month. Has nice big buttons, big print and no contract. Don't know anything about the service though.

Anyone wishing to share a cell phone experience, it would be so appreciated.

Thank you and happy, healthy New Year to all!


  1. A few years ago, knowing next to nothing about cell phones or cell phone plans, I talked to a woman clerk at the cell phone counter at Walmart. I said I wanted the phone only for emergency use, such as when driving, or when on vacation. She sold me a TracFone for about $35. The plan I got with it was for a year and included something like 500-700 minutes. It cost about $110.

    This has worked out great or me. I never use all the minutes, and the leftover minutes can be applied to the following year when you renew. The renewal charge is now about $120.

    I have found it pays to renew with TracFone by PHONE rather than online, for often the agent offers more or better "extra free minutes" deals than appear online. Sometimes they have given me double the number of minutes. I now have about 2100 minutes accumulated.

    The original saleswoman told me TracFone has good nationwide coverage. I have been to other parts of FL, NYC, MA, NH, and Phoenix and had no problems.

    Except when in situations where I am expecting to use the phone, I keep it turned OFF. I make it a point to tell people (except in those special situations): "Don't call me on my cell phone. I keep it turned off and often don't look at it for weeks."

    Does this help, Topper?

  2. Hi Lanny,
    It sounds like you got a pretty good deal. I'll have to stop by Walmart and check it out.
    I'll also post anything else I come across that I think may be helpful to other.
    Thanks so much for replying! The hunt is on!

  3. I have a cell phone from Assurance.
    I do not pay for this phone. I
    have 250 minutes per month and I
    fill out an application and I got

  4. I have a phone from Metro PCS which is in the Comm. Drive Center by Bells Outlet. Phone was $30. AND MONTHLY IS 35. INCLUDING ALL TAXES. nO cONTRACT AND IT GIVES ME UNLIMITED CALLS AND UNLIMITED TEXTING AND MANY OTHER FEATURES. Sorry about Caps, finger slipped to caps key.

  5. if you come into the uco office i will give you an application for a free cell phone with 250 free minutes.all you need to do is qualify.

  6. The best deal that I can see, if you need a phone just for emergency use and don't use a lot of minutes, is the TracPhone for $9.88 with minutes plans at various prices for the number of minues desired. The best plan is 400 minutes, plus 400 extra for $99.88 -- phone and minutes plan available at WalMart. Phone unavailable just now because of Christmas rush on it, but shipment expected.

  7. Thank you all for great information. The CV blog is wonderful for this type of thing - neighbors helping neighbors. What more could we ask for???
    I will check into all these options.
    Thank you again.


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