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Monday, January 2, 2012

Dover Motel

It has come to the attention of a number of people that an apartment or apartments are being rented at $100.00 a night in one of the Dover buildings. If this in fact true, is it not illegal?
Is there any way to make sure that condo documents are enforced so as to prevent this from happening?? I know the UCO cannot become involved because it is an association matter. My question is, what if anything can be done to prevent this type of rental from taking place.


  1. Hi all,

    I have no idea if the premise is true, but,when an Association abandons their Bylaws, all is lost.

    Perhaps an interesting question is, does a unit owner in another Association, have standing under any legal theory, to enforce the violating Associations Bylaws.

    I will research this idea and perhaps run it by our UCO Attorney.

    Dave Israel

  2. This is outrageous! Don't you need a license to run a motel. I hope the association that is involved will stop this. This is the same as running a commercial business. This looks illegal.


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