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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

REFLECTION BAY - Hundreds protest new development near Century Village

Posted: 01/24/2012
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• By: Dan Corcoran
SUBURBAN WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The battle lines are being drawn over plans to replace a failed golf course in suburban West Palm Beach with development of homes and shops. The project is drawing fire from residents of Century Village, which is right next door to the proposed development.
Hundreds of opponents of the plan, mostly residents of Century Village, lined the Haverhill Road on Tuesday afternoon.

They came together with their signs and their voices right along the side of the 70-acre property that would be home to the proposed development. The former golf course is now overgrown with weeds and vegetation.

Protestors said they moved to Century Village after they were told that the next door golf course would be there forever. They said the new development called "Reflection Bay" threatens their quality of life, would increase traffic in the area and would also ruin residents' views of the former golf course.

"Money can't buy everything" said Loretta Cuccurullo, who is spearheading the opposition. "We're little, we're poor, we're elderly but we have a lot of young people coming in and they want golf and we want our green space," she said.

Palm Beach County Commissioners are scheduled to vote on the proposal on Thursday. The current land owners, Ana and Andrew Waldman, were also present to answer question and take comments from those who oppose their project.

The Waldmans plan to build a community of 689 residences complimented by shops and restaurants.

"There's a tremendous amount of support that exists here in Century Village that isn't here today," said Andrew Waldman. "We hope that they won't be so silent in terms of support on Thursday," he said. If the plan is approved builders could break ground as soon as June of this year.

The commissioners are set to vote on "Reflection Bay" proposal on Thursday at 9:30 am at the County Government Center, 301 North Olive Avenue, in West Palm Beach.

Century Village has chartered five buses to transport people from their homes to the meeting.

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