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Monday, January 30, 2012

Voting by proxy

I have a question that I hope will be answered before our next annual condo association meeting. One condo owner (1) received a proxy from another condo owner(2). 

Now condo owner (1) cannot be present to the meeting. She gives the proxy she received from condo owner(2) to a relative who will be attending the meeting. Is the proxy from owner(2) valid since the person who received the proxy will not be attending the meeting?? 

This has become very confusing to us. Some believe the proxy that was given to that individual must be handled by the same individual...not a third party. What do you think??? A quick response would be appreciated...Thank you.

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  1. The following section should be included in the original proxy to permit that proxy to be assigned to a third person.

    "The following section to be filled out by the ‘proxy holder’ (the Secretary or other person so designated above) in the event that such person is unable to attend the meeting.
    The undersigned, appointed as proxy holder above, designates ___________ to substitute for me in voting the proxy as set forth above ____________________DATE:____, 2012

    Signature of Proxy holder


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