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Thursday, February 23, 2012



Nominees for the executive board will please sit in the first row.

Procedure will be as follows:

Each presidential candidate will have three minutes to state his qualifications
Questions submitted by candidates for president will be asked by Susan Bucher and, again, each presidential candidate will have three minutes to answer.
Susan will ask if the opposing candidates want to respond and, if so, two minutes will be allowed for rebuttal.

Each vice presidential candidate will have two minutes to state his qualifications
Each treasury candidate will have three minutes to state qualifications.
Each secretary will have one minute to state qualifications.
The executive board nominees will state his/her name.

As time allows, questions from those who submitted names will be called.
At ll:45 two numbers will be called and the TV sets will be given out.


  1. I was told by Roberta that my question would have to to asked by me (if my name was chosen), was this policy for the forum changed?

  2. What Roberta told you is correct --you will ask your question if your name is called (random selection)in the Q&A session. Earlier in the program (right after the presidential candidates present their qualifications), the moderator will ask a group of questions that the 3 presidential contenders pre-submitted to be asked of their opponents. Hope this clears things up and doesn't add to the confusion.


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