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Thursday, February 16, 2012

In My Opinion

In my opinion and the opinions of many others.

There was a question asked of UCO about a list of delegates that had attended the past three delegate meeting. I was told to put my request in writing using the proper format. I did so and was brought up in front of the delegate assembly and you ( the people) were told that Mr. Israel thought that this would be an Invasion of your privacy and he would entertain a motion to deny.

This was done as an exercise to see if UCO would give out PUBLIC information. UCO failed as they have in the past also. They did show us all that they are not transparent.

It is not an invasion of privacy. It is Public Information at SUNBIZ.ORG. Question : If you can get the same information from SUNBIZ why wouldn’t Mr. Israel give that to anyone of the delegates who requested this? Why? No Transparency.

This has happened to others here in the village as well. When one of our delegates asked for information about a (so called) fair bid agreement for a major decision he was denied the minuets and records. After he spent his own money to get the answers (for you) through a lawyers request not once but twice. He got the records. They showed that Something was wrong.

A delegate asked a question about our villages finances and was told that the question would be better asked at the UCO office. (out of sight out of mind) Sound familiar? At a properly called meeting this and many other questions that are asked are not or never answered. The answers if not given at the meeting then they should be answered at the next meeting but this never happens and you never here the question again. Why? What is there to hide? This gentleman is not doing this for any gain on his own but to help and protect you his neighbors. Will this turn out to be another situation where Something is wrong? I think so.

Remember the Millennium Agreement where some of the people of the village said Something was wrong and as it turned out it was? Why are the people of UCO so quick to dismiss these and other questions asked of them? Here it is in one word EGO. Not for the people or by the people. UCO just will not listen to the people.

We need to change this at UCO. If not by the whole village coming forth then by a few that are not intimidated or easily dismayed. We should give all delegates who have questions the courtesy, support and respect to ask their questions and to have a civil discussion and response and come together as a people and try to live as harmoniously and comfortable as we can.

New Leadership for Century Village

If you want to talk or express your opinions please call me at (561) 697-3963 or (56i) 531-5231

Let me be your voice.

Frank La Fountain

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