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Thursday, February 16, 2012



Are you tired of the fighting and name calling that goes on here in our village?

Can not get a straight answer to a question that you have asked UCO?

Have you been called a dissident, trouble maker, malcontent, loud mouth?

Would you like time to think about and debate ideas before they are passed at the delegates meeting?

How would you like a completely transparent UCO without any secrecy or stonewalling?

Do you get your questions addressed and answered to your satisfaction at the UCO office or meetings?

Well on March 2nd ……………..YOU CAN CHANGE THAT

My Name is Frank La Fountain. I am running to be YOUR UCO PRESIDENT. I have been a resident here with my wife Joann for 7 years and I will help us get control back to the residents of our village.

I have been the president of Berkshire B Association for the past 4 years, I have been the Berkshire Area President for a year.

I have no political alliances here in our village but I am willing to work with everyone to return the power back to the people who live here in Century Village. I have over 30 years of managerial experience and know how a business should be run. I believe I can work with the residents and different factions here and come to a more harmonious way of living. A way that benefits everyone not just a certain few.

I am a firm believer that a well informed community is more likely to thrive than one that operates in secrecy, lack of transparency and stonewalling the residents as is the current policies of the present UCO administration. No one will be turned away and told that their problem is an association problem. My policy will be to make sure the questions you ASK are ADDRESSED and ANSWERED to the fullest extent possible to help you with your problems. If you are a delegate and have a question to be asked at the Delegate assembly you to will be given the courtesy to get an answer with out the outbursts of the assembly which is common practice now.

Why are there only a small numbers of delegates at the meetings. Usually only about 40% sometimes maybe 50%. I believe it is because they have been here for so long and have just gotten feed up with the way things are run. Not just by the present UCO administration but by others in the past.. You see now that with this election coming up you can keep what you have now or put the people that you voted out 2 years ago or 4years ago back into office or


Please send our community leaders a message that you are feed up an tired of the same old way things are done.

Vote for me if you want true change

The choice is yours



Frank La Fountain

                                                       New Leadership for Century Village Residents

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  1. So you imagine you can run the village. Why don't you show what you can do - take on one committee for a start, e.g. Transportation or Cable, then when all is harmony, no complaints, and when you get the Delegates to accept whole village Wi-fi. Then you would be more believable.


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