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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Can someone please show me where I can find the bylaw relating to unit occupants investigations.
Thank You


  1. I think it should be in the bylaws in the building where you live.

  2. Article II, "Membership and Voting Provisions", Section 1.,(Second Unnumbered Paragraph)

  3. Hi all,
    You will find a reference to Investigations in the UCO Model Documents 1999, as indicated by Randall. The 1999 Model Documents are to be found in the BLOG sidebar under the heading "core documents" In my opinion, the wording is weak, and clearly does not make the requirement mandatory.

    The Investigation is not a requirement of State Law, but investigation of prospective owners as to their criminal background and their credit worthiness makes eminent good sense. Additionally, investigations of a prospective renter as to their criminal background is also wise.

    These investigations, may reveal significant grounds for the Board of Administration to reject a potentially dangerous criminal or a credit risk leading to non payment of lawful assessments.

    Dave Israel

  4. In reading this exchange, I am just convinced again what an asset the CV Blog has been as a source of information for all kinds of things. Where would we all BE without it? It's fun, it's packed with helpful information, people can voice their opinions. Once in a while it goes off the rails, but give me the Blog any day over no blog.

  5. Whether mandatory or not it is very wise to have a new owner or renter investigated. I have rejected twice a prospective buyer because they lied about their criminal bckground. I don't want that kind of person living in my association nor do I want them living in the village. So many of our older people leave their doors unlocked. Many associations are having money problems so they either overlook their by-laws where age is concerned and bypass the investigation and let in anyone. What a mistake!

  6. Agreed, Grace. Several years ago I met a couple who were hoping to buy one of our units. We chatted amiably for a few minutes in the entryway to the laundry room, where the mailboxes are. They seemed like a nice couple. They were both investigated. His report came back okay, but hers had a string of offenses a mile long, including theft and assault (twice) of a police officer. So we turned them down.


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