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Monday, February 20, 2012


Elsewhere, one commonly posted individual, who makes assumptions, referred to the above meeting, which took place this past Saturday.
In her post, she stated she was not invited to attend and why would she be?
Not being a Candidate for any position, ( and only those running for President,
Vice President's (2) Treasurer & both corresponding & recording Secretary's
were) nor I gather a resident of either Chatham or Kent, for if she were, she
would be aware that these meetings take place on a monthly basis, unless
otherwise noted.


  1. Hi BettieL,
    7:18 PM on Feb 20, 2012,

    Unfortunately, as usual, you fail to check the facts.

    Based on your weak excuse, how do you explain the "coincident" presence of inveterate pot-stirrers from Camden, Northampton and Oxford!

    Dave Israel

  2. Well Bettie, if it were just your monthly meeting why would you have all the candidates there since we are having a Candidates Forum on the 27th. Bettie do you think that everyone is stupid. In a monthly meeting why would Frank tell everyone, 'you know my record'. Yes, we know his record!

  3. David:
    Your apology is accepted in
    ADVANCE...for you see, you
    have failed in this instance! The ONLY offical
    Invitation was to the aforementioned..others re-siding elsewhere are GUESTS
    of MEMBERS of the respective
    Associations,which was the
    case..I do not OFFER any
    in provocation,such as you seem to do,as President.
    It's not ONE of your admirable qualities!

  4. Pomposity is not one of yours either BettieL!

  5. Hi BettieL,
    February 21, 2012 8:55 AM,

    The only apology due is from you and the other Frank Cornish water carriers who set up an ambush at the Kent pool for me and Ed Black; and then planted a few soft questions from the audience for Frank.

    These questions coming after Frank's epic statement:

    "You know who I am and you know my record"

    I'm sure that will go over well at the Candidates forum!

    Dave Israel

  6. Well Bettie it is too bad that you have to stoop to yelling on the blog, (caps). You obviously don't know Dave very well. He does not provoke situations unlike your candidate who cannot control his temper, explodes at people and rants, raves, swears and calls names. I've been there, seen and heard that. Dave has been most patient at meetings when a very toxic element needs to get up and spew our their negative comments. It is nice to see that even the delegates are getting fed up with the toxic negativity of a select group, Bettie. I think that Dave has been most patient to have to listen to those who want to disrupt with nothing positive to suggest.

  7. Grace:

    I agree with you 100%.
    Truer words were said.


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