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Monday, February 20, 2012

UCO Elections

I have tried to remain neutral in the coming UCO Elections. I find this more difficult as a small group continues to ask what they perceive as "embarrassing" questions that have been answered many times in the past.

A statesman inspires others to excel toward greatness and makes every effort to address all issues that others see of merit. He does not respond just to be popular, because this is ego driven. He/she is selfless and willing to do the difficult carrying well before asking others to perform and function.

I believe Mr. Gluszak will become very important in the future of UCO, and I have encouraged him to begin attending committee meetings regularly. He has made some suggestions that are worthy of consideration and we all look forward to his increased participation.

I believe Mr. La Fountain could become very important in the future of UCO, but would hold that thought in reserve until he has become a regular participant at the committee level, making whatever contribution he may. I believe he also needs to become a member of the Executive Board in the pursuit of the agenda he pursues. He could very well become a serious candidate for Vice-President with the additional knowledge he will have thusly obtained. Finally, he could well become a future candidate for President, once we have been exposed to his work ethic, willingness to debate and encourage views that might still be ignored or rejected and still remain committed to supporting the greater good.

I believe Mr. Cornish has achieved the popularity for his candidacy but not the credentials for such a lofty pursuit by him. He does not collaborate with fellow officers, rather makes independent decisions that I find troubling. He gives orders rather than working through the chain of command – from janitorial, security, WPRF, bus drivers and even the office staff.

Mr. Israel has made extraordinary effort to accommodate the views of the Delegate Assembly, the executive Board, Officers Committee and the Delegates or residents that ask for change. He has even acknowledged he makes mistakes and did so without a tantrum or a resignation, as others have.

I am therefore offering my unconditional support and recommendation for Mr. Israel’s reelection, along with Mr. Guarnagia and Ms. Blank. I also support and recommend Ms. Cornish for Vice President and Ms. Vestal for Recording Secretary.

Ed Black, Treasurer


  1. I totally agree with everything you said. First get involved with UCO and then possibly run for office. I don't know Frank so I won't comment on his credentials or personality. I believe Barbara will make a great VP and again wish to state that I don't think a husband and wife should be in office at the same time whether it is legal or not.

  2. I endorse your endorsement! What's most welcome is the positive tone of your comments. David excels based on any reasonable selection of criteria, and your thoughtful assessment of all the candidates reinforces that without rancor. You and David offer us intellect, honesty and constructive leadership. Thank you both for your service, and for the sake of our community, I'm looking forward to your continued service.

  3. A good and positive article and you are right on with your selection of candidates. I definitely agree.


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