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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Refresh Executive Board

Jmitaly, you talked about new blood and term limits, what could be done with the Executive Board. Some people have been on it past their 'use by date'. Too many delegates vote for a familiar name without real knowledge of the candidate. How can qualified new people be brought in? Any ideas, anybody?


jmitaly said...

A change in the the bylaws requiring that candidate for nominations forms be sent out to all residents each time an executive board position opens (after a 4 or 6 year stint expires for a member who has served UCO in collective capacities). My comment was in regards to UCO terms only. I'm sure there is WAY too much apathy in the individual associations for new blood every four years. I've only been an owner here for less than two years but I get a "feeling" that the same group of individuals have been influentual in UCO operations for a long time. I did look at all the biographys. Just MHO only.

elaineb said...

Thx, I should have said I meant the UCO Executive Board.