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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hi all,
I have read unsigned (actionable) false statements about me that  are being distributed in the Village; in a last minute desperate attempt to garner votes. While I suppose this is de rigueur in Century Village, I wish to ask you all to give such unsigned tripe the disregard it deserves!

Look at the record, and vote for continued accomplishments and reduction in costs; send the glad-hander and rage monger home for good on March 2, 2012. Give me, Dave Israel,  two more years as a proven commodity who clearly identifies himself on election brochures.

I further call upon both candidates for President; Frank Cornish and Frank LaFountain to categorically repudiate on this Website, this trash being hung on the doors of our unit owners.

Dave Israel
Candidate for UCO President


  1. Unsigned messages are nothing new, although they weren't prevalent until the last few years. The best way to go is to disregard them. Your record stands. UCO was always a great organization, but with your presidency it has become even greater. Your contribution has surpassed all. Here's to your success in the election. Since I am moving back to the Village, having just bought a unit, I hope to be able to address you as Mr. President once more. Good luck!
    Ruth Bernhard

  2. I do not know Dave personally and have never met the man but Century Village speaks loudly as his body of work the place is safe ,pristine and reminds me nostalgically of a better bygone era keep up the good work David lenny clark 351 northampton R.

  3. A repudiation would have been easy to do, I would have thought.


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