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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Raccoons are invading Century Village

        This is becoming a Village wide problem, can UCO help with this infestation? I understand that as one of their predators, namely alligators, are trapped , raccoon's are multiplying.
please H.E.L.P !.........


  1. Some of the associations in the Sheffield area (and problalby elsewhere) still do NOT have raccoon bars on the dumpsters. That is a simple thing that can go a long way in reducing the feeding and foraging.

  2. Plcruise is right. The raccoons are adept at getting into dumpsters that do not have the kind of bar you can swing up and in place, thus "locking" the dumpster. Solid Waste & Management will arrange for you to get a dumpster with such a bar at a charge of about $55, last I heard. Just call the phone number for Osceola printed on the dumpster.

    The raccoons come and go. There is an influx in the Village for a while, and then they're not so prevalent. I think you are likely to get more of them if you are near a wooded area.

  3. Hi Lanny,
    March 8, 2012 5:48 PM,

    If you do not provide Raccoon bars, where may the Raccoons buy a drink??

    Dave Israel

  4. David:
    That's the funniest thing
    you've said,in an awful
    long time! Some infants
    have been spotted in our
    parking lot, not far from
    a fruit tree ( not ours )
    which too promotes their
    visitations. I do believe
    (as Lanny stated) they come
    & the midgies,
    alligators & other such
    creatures...It was theirs,
    long before we arrived on
    the scene..

  5. Hi all,
    Raccoons, Alligators, Rodents of various stripe!

    Of course UCO can do something about it, the question is; how much cost is the Delegate Assembly ready to assign as a common expense to engage trappers and exterminators!

    This is a never ending battle, think about it, next years budget cycle is only 7 months away!

    Dave Israel

  6. I wonder if the County would get involved if we find out that there is a rabies danger!

  7. One more time - Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control's Captain David Walesky tells us there were only a total of 4 rabies cases in all of Palm Beach County in 2011.
    Hardly an emergency condition for CV.

  8. You are so right Elaine. I am on the north side of the village and we have as many raccoon familys as we have people. Put up traps and more move in to replace what was taken. They live in the trees around us. They will not attack if they are not provoked. They are not rabid! Even with the bars on the dumpsters they can still get in as there is a gap between the 2 lids on the dumpster. I've watched 1 come out of barred dumpster.

  9. Thank for the pictures K !......

  10. Sorry, the name on our dumpster is VEOLIA, not Osceola. The phone number on the dumpster is 561-471-6110.

    Have you tried by hand sliding the two covers together so there isn't a gap, Grace? This has worked for us. If they are too stiff, this wouldn't work, but ours slide easily enough. Of course two can slide dumpster covers if they're loose enough: either people or raccoons with an IQ above 75.

    Perhaps you should just leave the covers up with a full bar inside, as Dave suggests.

  11. Lanny I do push the two ends together. Problem is that not everyone uses the bar, let alone pushing the two parts together. I think that we just have to learn to be cleaner and live with them unless you are willing to spend thousands to put cages all over the village. As I said before, others just move in to take their place. I know people up in the Laurentian mountains and they are also infested with them. One got into a friend's house through a small cat door that was motorized.


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