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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two questions,since I have been up north for the last two plus months I wanted to know what the update on the homeless guy living in his car I am very disturbed with that situation why cant he be simply escorted out of CV. Also in one of the last blogs I read  a blog where someone talked about losing our senior status because we are letting too many people under age to buy at CV I want to retire here someday and I don't want to be living around teenagers and loose the serene,secure CV feel. Is losing our status as a senior property a possibility?

Also I for one do not want to pay for a lawsuit against the developers who want to develop the golf course I believe a sane approach would be to insure a secure buffer zone around CV and (Golf View in particular must be secured ) I believe we can safely coexist with this project, of course a viable golf course would be my first choice but that horse has left  the barn.    lenny clark Northampton R


  1. The reference to a 55 years of age and older status refers to the community. It is important to realize that each Association in Century Village is considered a community. Associations which wish to benefit from maintaining a 55 years and older status must meet the following requirements:

    For a community to be considered "housing for older persons" as a 55+ community, the housing must be intended and operated for occupancy by persons 55 years of age or older and meet the following requirements:

    1) At least 80% of the occupied units are occupied by at least one person 55 years of age or older.

    2)The facility or community publishes and adheres to policies and procedures that demonstrate its intent to in fact be a provider of housing for older persons.

    3)The facility or community complies with rules established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for verification of occupancy. This verification includes keeping a census of the age of each resident, and updated every two years.

    4)Though inclusion of each association in the Florida Commission on Human Relations registry is required under Florida Statute, failure to do so will not jeopardize the 55+ status of an Association. A community that is claiming 55+ status is asking to be exempted from the Florida Fair Housing Act as it pertains to familial status. The Florida Legislature requires these communities to register with FCHR by sending a certified letter to the Commission stating that the facility or community is in compliance with the requirements.

  2. Hi Lenny,
    The "car dwellers" car has been towed from the Village, his gate pass has been confiscated. I am unaware of his current status.

    On the matter of under age residents, when an Association abandons its Bylaws, ALL is lost.

    Dave Israel

  3. Thanks Dave for the good news on the "auto squatter", To the best of your knowledge have many associations "abandoned" their bylaws in regards to our senior status, and is there any possibility that the greater century Village entity can protect the senior status for the greater Village at large.
    Do you think are we in any danger as seniors of being reduced to a frail vulnerable age minority.I have lived at the mercy of roving bands of threatening undisciplined, disrespectful, vulgar loud,intimidating teens not to mention putting up with loud music coming out of cars and suites, crummy fast driving etc.I do not want to live in CV as a age minority.I do not want to seem like I hate teens this is not true I like young people,but we are in a very different place of life with a vastly different sense of right and wrong. I like the senior status we have.
    To me the possibility of losing the senior status poses a greater danger to the survival of the CV we know and love than the development of the golf course Thanks Lenny

  4. While I think it a bit premature to have any meaningful discussion on the whether it is wise or warranted to invest in legal action against the proposed community, I do think that concerns about CV's security is a always real issue whether it is the occupancy of our own rental units or potential forthcoming neighbors.

    We are all entitled to our own opinions as to how we will be impacted by the proposed community replacing the golf course. But, the notion that some type of planting or other landscaping design will keep keep out persons who do not belong in C.V. is a bit naive.

    I wish I had a crystal ball to determine the impact of he proposed community if it goes forward. But, I do not. What I do know is that if the adjoining community is built and occupied, it will be extremely difficult to implement any measure that will address any problems that may arise from its presence after the fact.

    If "outsiders" can simply walk into our community and do as they please, any concerns about renters or folks under 55 occupying our units will pale in comparison.

  5. Re: Senior Community Restrictions. Perhaps UCO could investigate the possibility of legal action against CV associations who abrogate their bylaws and allow under 55 to reside here, endangering the rest of the community who reside here. R. Tennyson, UCO's long time attorney, might have some insight to keep some of the 309 associations inside the gate in line.

  6. I am sure it would not hurt to get all the advice we can from Atty. Tennyson on this subject.

    I think we need to keep a couple of things in mind. First, it would seem from what Randall says that we are considered 309 SEPARATE "communities" with regard to the 55-or-older stipulation. It's apparently NOT a case of how the larger community (all of CV) stacks up.

    Second, if the rule is that at least 80% of the units in any one condo association must have at least ONE 55-or-over occupant, this means that up to 20% of the association's units could have NO occupant 55 years or older. If an association really ran this percentage up close to the 20%, I understand this could get them into some pretty dicey situations. It would seem to be generally pretty safe, however, for an association of, say, 26 units to allow one or two exceptions to "no one under 55."


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