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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Transponder Malfunction

The gate guard says my Sunpass is interfering with my transponder which did not work yesterday, really?? they have both been okay for many years.


  1. Hi Elaine,
    Very interesting question. First we need a few more facts. Do you have the "TransCore eGo Plus RFID sticker tag" AKA "the mini sunpass sticker"!!

    If so, be aware that it operates at 915Mhz.

    Our SIRIT Transponder strip, is a passive system which operates at 916.25Mhz.

    While these frequencies are not that far apart, the coding protocols are very different, which should preclude mutual interference.

    Please advise which Sunpass device you have.

    Dave Israel

  2. As far as I can tell hardcase, also 915 Mhz, I am not opening it because they are hostile about re-engineering their stuff.

  3. I never leave the Sunpass on my windshield since one was stolen out of my car. I put it back into the silver bag it came with and leave it in the glove compartment. Try it and see what happens.

  4. Thx Grace I will do same, I'm lucky it has not been stolen.
    ps I do not believe guard.

  5. I have the Sunpass mini pass on my windshield and have no problems with the responder from here.

  6. Elaine, I first had the old kind of Sunpass device that stuck to the windshield with three suction cups. It kept falling off. I didn't like having to retrieve it from a cubby under the dashboard or in the glove compartment every time I went through a toll booth, so I bought what I think is the kind you have, the mini-pass. It costs about $5 at Publix and sticks onto the windshield like the transponder. You get your money back when you get it registered with the Turnpike Authority, so it ends up being free.

    I think the instructions that came with the Sunpass sticker said there could be a signal mixup if another signaling device were positioned near the Sunpass device. But the instructions also said to place the Sunpass device at the top center of the windshield—same place my transponder had been positioned! So I placed it top-center on the windshield BUT A FEW INCHES AWAY from the transponder.

    All I can say is that having the two devices in this close proximity is not causing me a problem. This may be by sheer luck. Or it may be because of what Dave says about their being on slightly different frequencies (but more to the point, having different coding protocols). In any event, I think the few inches of separation could not have hurt.

    Nice to see you at today's meetings, Elaine. I hope you can get the transponder problem straightened out.

    P.S. Several months ago I did have a problem for a couple of weeks with the Haverhill Gate (never the West Gate) letting me through. I almost went to UCO about it, but then I found the problem corrected itself. It's a guess, but I thought perhaps the sensor at the gate had gotten a bit out of kilter, and when this was realized (probably by other drivers having the same problem) they straightened it out.

  7. I also have the mini-sunpass and have it mounted just to the left of the rear-view mirror. Never had any trouble with the gate transponder. If you continue to have problems, maybe they (Uco) could replace your gate transponder.

  8. "Transponder Malfunction and Sunpass
    I replaced my mini Sunpass and my CV Transponder stopped working. I moved the Sunpass down one inch and the CV Transponder started working again. I do not know if the Sunpass will still work. I will let you know if it does, if not I will buy another mine Sunpass and try it again with a oe inch space below.CV Transponder,


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