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Friday, June 8, 2012

“Do You Have IFI ?"

Do you get all the notices and minutes of meetings from UCO President Dave Israel, IFI (Information Forward Initiative)?  Just send him your email to be on his list of about 600 resident emails. Although this service is often touched on I do not know if all Bloggers have taken advantage of this.
I get notices to post on our bulletin board. I get minutes of committee meetings which is great because I cannot attend all meetings. (Good if I have Summer laziness too).
Send a request, subject line IFI, to 

*And most important - it is the front line of accurate info against spreaders of ridiculous and malicious misinformation.


  1. The notices re meetings and minutes are so useful. I don't feel guilty about missing a meeting and having to listen to all the negativity that goes on. Thank you Dave. You make a big difference to the Village and you have my sympathies to have to listen to the toxic people that are out to ruin our home.

  2. Do you have to be a blogger to get on the list of those sent the IFIs?

  3. Hi Lanny,
    June 9, 2012 11:40 AM,

    Certainly not, any Resident may receive the IFI Egrams.

    Just send along your Email address.

    Dave Israel


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