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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dorchester Pool

This morning on my walk past Dorchester Pool I noticed that the new gate area had been paved over. I wonder whose bright idea that was to waste money. Last week a WPRF worker was painting the lines around the area where no cars should park with the crisscross line design. The gate is supposed to be wheel chair friendly although the gate around the corner is okay for wheel chairs as well as that is what was used before a new gate was put in. I am sure that Monday or Tuesday the same worker will come back to re paint the lines that were painted last week. I think the money should have been better spent to repair some of the lounges that are starting to fray at the edges. Whomever decided on this project should be thrown off whatever committee it is that made this decision. If it was Eva, the money should come out of her salary. The re paving was not warranted!


  1. Well I must say today WPRF was putting in blue lines for 2 handicap parking spots on the paved over piece of parking at the south gate. They certainly could have painted over the yellow lines and repainted the blue. A lot of money to put in 2 handicapped parking spots. By the way any of the spots around the fence are very close and could have been used by handicapped people. All the spots are closer than the handicapped parking at the clubhouse. The money would have been better spent to buy new metal umbrellas to replace the broken ones. Most of them cannot be opened all the way to the top.

  2. I must correct my remark that the spot was paved over to make the 2 handicapped parking area. The spot was painted over in black to block out the new yellows lines that were painted in error.


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