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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stolen Art from the Century Clubhouse wall.

This is my very first post. I'm not at all happy why I have to do it.And also angry.

 We at Century have a good life. No where can you get the entertainment, recreation, service, security for the price that we have it here. We do have our issues. the one I am going to write about is unconscionable.

We have a wonderful Art committee that hangs the art of our talented residents. the art is seen for several weeks before it is changed. It is hung on the walls of the clubhouse on both floors.

Near the end of May,2012 , my wife, Connie Kurtz, the artist and quilter, was going to the quilting room to work when she saw that one of her hung fabric art was missing. Not missing STOLEN. STOLEN by one of our own, whether an owner, renter, visiter, worker. We put up a note to return or buy. No questions asked. and we received no takers.
Connie and I appreciate those friends and residents  that shared their disappointment that this could happen. A Police report was made . WPRF and security are aware of the ROBBERY.

We ask your help in getting the art returned. Again, no questions asked.


  1. Any chance you have a picture? This way if we see it somehere, we can report it. Good luck.

  2. Somehow my first comment got lost, but I said that this has been going on since Day One in CV, whether it be wallets, toilet paper, or anything that strikes people's fancy. I found it appalling when I read the notice where the stolen art work hung. I hope that it finds its way back to Connie. Her display is lovely.
    Another Ruthie

  3. thank you for your comments. I do have a picture in my camera and will send it as soon as I put it onto my computer.

  4. Ruthie, I am so sad this happened to you. Once a thief always a thief as the going says. You think that you are safe from robbery in CV but this happens all over. I hope the person that robbed your artwork has a conscience and returns it.

  5. Ruthie,Connie, I am so sorry to hear this. Your beautiful work is breath taking.


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