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Friday, August 24, 2012

a friend in need is a friend indeed

today we had a very satisfying meeting with the medical center. present were representatives of UCO and CERT along with Randy Schoenhaus and Ms. Alvarez of the medical center.
We discussed how we would interact with each other in time of an event such as a hurricane. they are going to provide three emergency kits for us each valued at $75.00. one will be in the UCO office and the other two will be available to CERT at the medical center.
We will be using their parking lot as a staging area for all distribution of food and water. The driver of their van lives in the village and he has a key to their building and we have his phone number so he will give us access to the building any time day or night when the need arises. medical personel will be in the village as soon as the threat is over and they can safely get here.
So, i repeat, a friend in need is a friend indeed and they have proven that axiom.


Grace said...

Why not have an emergency kit in the clubhouse. How many more people pass through the clubhouse than through the CERT office? Is there always a CERT person in the office if a kit is needed? On second thought you should probably have 1 in the fitness center as well as the clubhouse and UCO office. Put them where they are needed.

elaineb said...

Is an Emergency Kit different than a First Aid Kit, wouldn't we have those already, what can it do?