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Thursday, August 23, 2012

This being my first gathering of hurricane readiness items and info in Florida... a question for those who have been through these winds before.  I'm on the second level of a two-floor building. Should I crack the windows an inch... or just leave them shut?

They are the original windows, along with everyone else in my building (only two units have shutters.)

Thanks for letting me know if this information is "Truth or Myth?"

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  1. Hi DB,

    The origins of this idea come from the thought that there might be a significant pressure gradient between the indoor pressure and the outdoor pressure.

    This might be true, if you lived in a thermos bottle. in the case of our 40+ year old buildings, there is no such difference in atmospheric pressure; the only result of leaving your windows open, will be that your unit will get wet from wind driven rain.

    Dave Israel


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