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Friday, August 17, 2012

Okee Ixoras

First pic is how other people's Ixoras look, ours are not bad at Haverhill entrance but Okeechobee entrance is sad - 2nd pic. They need water and fertilizer (well replacement actually). Is that a dead sprinkler next to the dead plant. Surely there must be a few $$ in a maintenance budget, if not in Beautification budget.
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  1. Well Elaine those pictures tell the story of neglect of our property that we have intrusted to UCO to maintain. The rest of the village is in the same condition and our our sign lights are still out. We were told that the ballasts were ordered and recieved but 3 months ago it was the rainy season and the electricians couldn't do them...WTH
    Hopefully people of the village will agree with you and get together, form a petition and get it to UCO. I wold help you if you want and get things going so we can present it at the delagates assembly.

  2. UCO knows all about this, Mary Lee brought it up at delegate meeting, many others have too. And the shabby sign at the Haverhill entrance. A petition would be a petition to ourselves. The blockage seems to be south of the CAM. It would probably be more useful to make sure there is Beautification line in the budget for next year.


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