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Friday, September 21, 2012




  1. Wake up people. The golf course is NOT OUR GREEN SPACE. It belongs to someone else. Since our treasurer has problems paying for the laundry facility I don't want to see another penny of OUR money going to pay for lawyers. The pro active committee needs to dig deeply into their pockets and ASK for donations from people in the village. Remember, the $25,000. was to be the only money asked for. they got it and spent it now go into your own pockets, NOT MINE.

  2. heree here - bravo Grace---this issue cannot be a never say die - beat a dead horse etc - I am not for the project but I am not a dunderhead who wants to cough up more $ -ad infinitum

  3. If the purpose of the Townhall meeting is to collect more money, it will be ASK, not DEMAND. That ship sailed last month, when the Proactive Committee tried to have legal funds built into the 2013 budget and the motion was voted down. If you want to kick in, go ahead. Me, I would want to see a list of Commitee members and the amounts that they personally kicked in to the legal fund.

    There is probably one more delegate assembly left before the next Commissioners meeting and before the 2013 UCO budget is finalized. Perhaps the purpose of the townhall meeting is to pitch new reasons for Delegates to oppose the project and vote in the funding. At the last Delegate Assembly, Proactive Committee members started to pitch a new spiel about " drainage" and "flooding", as well as scary talk of "strangers" roaming the Village, but the whole thing was
    presented frantically and, in my opinion, caused more laughter and no votes than anything else. A townhall meeting might give the Commitee more time to present their case, outside the constraints of Roberts' Parlimentary Rules.

    Could this meeting be recorded and posted to Blog?

  4. Hi don4060,
    September 22, 2012 4:51 PM,

    If the ProActive Committee gives permission to video, then it can be done.

    Dave Israel

  5. I agree with Grace. The golf course is not out Green Space.

    The Pro Active Committee is giving out such misinformation to further their cause.

    They say there is no fencing between us. WRONG. The plans state that a fence will be entirely around the reflection bay project to provide the separation.

    They say the Reflection Bay people will be in our pools and clubhouse. WRONG. Century Village people will be the only ones with a pass to get though the gate. The system being proposed is better than the security on our own gates.

    They complain about the dust and debris. What did we put up with when they were repaving and the collapse of the road at Bath and Borden. Not to mention the numerous water line breaks etc lately.

    Instead of spouting off that everyone wants a golf course give us some statistics. How many people are willing to sign their name to a piece of paper saying they are willing to pay a membership and support the use of a golf course. How many actual golfers do we have? Show me some numbers.


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