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Thursday, November 22, 2012


Photo of Dump Dave Committee in Session
If anyone has some hard news, please publish in the comment stream. Especially, let's hear from the "Usual Suspects" who disrupt our Delegate Assembly meeting!!
Dave Israel


  1. Looks like nothing has changed from this picture from then till now. :o)

  2. David Israel was elected for President of UCO by a very fair election. I think that the disgruntled should get a life and see what they can do and volunteer instead of ripping our Village apart. He is one of the best Presidents that we have had. Some people just need to make waves because they have nothing else in their lives.

  3. Dave, where is that picture from? That looks like Stytown in the window.

  4. Hi Donald,
    November 21, 2012 7:50 AM,

    It's a famous painting depicting the Salem witch trials:

    "The Trial of George Jacobs"
    a 19th century view of the witch trials

    Relive it Don, attend a meeting of PUC, or whatever it calls itself currently.

    Dave Israel

  5. I agree with Grace. I've lived in CV for almost 9 years and Dave is the best President we've had since I moved here. If people are unhappy there will be another election and that is when you can choose another candidate. Let Dave continue with all the improvements that have made lives better.

  6. Yeah, but look in the background- there is a modern housing project outside the window.

  7. Dave has been the BEST PRESIDENT we have had. Some of these JERKS that are so critical of him will find out after he fills his term out just how GOOD a president he is and was. DAVE you have done a GREAT job with all the B/S you had to put up with. Thanks so much

  8. Dave did a great job for the village even before he became UCO President. Those who have been here for a while remember his important questions and searches for information about the activities of some prior UCO Board members and his launching of the Blog that put the spotlight the usual suspects running CV in years past.

    I only hope that someone half as good as Dave appears on the scene to be the next UCO President.

  9. I look at it this way. Under Dave's leadership and inspiration UCO has improved about 20 systems, contracts, and programs – they are more modern, efficient, better prices, and transparent. We have open meetings, open minutes sent by Information Forward (Dave), better bid cmte, research, RFP's and proposals. Dave also says “If you know of anyone looking for kickbacks, payola, baksheesh .. let Dave know immediately for PBSO action”.
    Now what kind of people would object to Dave? Uhuh! Remember the bad old days.

  10. Hi Donald,
    November 21, 2012 11:44 AM,

    Yes, since the trial took place in 1692, I would suspect that some Devil altered the original with the modern skyline. Now who would do something like that?

    Check the original on Google Images.


  11. Keep up the good work David. The trouble makers are just jealous. You brought us into the 20th Century with technology. You are very well appreciated.

  12. How sad it is that politics here in Century Village have resulted in trying to push Dave out of office. What an impression of us is given to the rest of the world. The malcontents have provided buyers from coming to our Village. Words should be addressed as to how wonderful and good and well run UCO is
    under Dave Israel. These trouble makers have nothing else to do. It would be terrific if they could put their energy in helping groups that need volunteers and get off their notion of changing the officers of UCO in midstream.

  13. When I hear people say that there
    is a group of them who are planning
    to impeach David it made me furious
    and I wanted to scream at all of
    them and tell them David has been
    been working many hours per day
    to improve anything he can to make
    CV the best senior condo to live in
    all of Florida and he has succeeded
    and when his term ends CV will
    start failing because whomever
    becomes President will not even be
    able to do 25% of all the ways
    and means that David does for CV.
    It will be a sad day for me when
    he has to leave as President.

  14. Nutmegger, I sure agree with you.

    It's hard for me to believe there are actually people in the Village who seek to oust Dave Israel. That there are, says more to me about THEM than it does about Dave.

    I have just seen the movie "Lincoln," and I can't help it--the comparisons are there to draw. Lincoln wasn't perfect, and he had his critics, but what a job he did. He saved the country. By contrast, what do we think today of John Wilkes Booth and his fellow conspirators, who sought to take Lincoln down?

    Dave does not pretend to be a perfect person. No one is. Dave admits his mistakes. I have heard him say "Mea culpa" more than once.

    The point is that what he has done--under constant unwarranted criticism and sniping--has been not only outstanding, but amazing in that he has been able to DO it at all. And we have all been the beneficiaries.

    Thank you, David.


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