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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hungry Howie's has a stupid driver.

My husband and I were both tired this evening so we ordered a pizza from Hungry Howie's.  I get a call from a driver when they were ready to leave with the pizza.  He wanted to know how to find our address.  I asked if he was at Century Village yet?  He asked me where Century Village was.  When I said it was at Okeechobee and Haverhill he promptly asks me if that is across from the Walmart.  I immediately demanded a manager and said they better get a different driver out if he puts Century Village across from the Walmart. 


  1. You get that with a lot of take out restaurants. This person shouldn't be doing deliveries if he doesn't know the area. How can you miss Century Village? There are 2 entries. He puts the "DA" in Florida.

  2. How was the pizza?

  3. When he finally got here, he comes to the door without the pizza wanting me to sign the ticket to charge my card. I refused until he let me see the pizza. It was cold and I sent it back. Then the manager calls demanding the pizza can't be cold and that I have to take the pizza. I sent a complaint to corporate office.

    I ended up ordering from Dominoes.

  4. ok scratch hungry howie off the list. so far, my favorite pizza is the one by walmart supermarket. howard beach grade pizza, made by phillipinos- go figure.


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