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Monday, November 19, 2012

Where is the security in Century Village?

Residents have to be ever vigilant, even with their company ,it seems.
At 5:45AM  this morning a neighbor of mine was walking along the "walk" area, as she does every morning. she enters into the Stratford C area, where the cars and disposal are. 

While walking near Stratford C area garbage bins she sees a man sleeping on some mattresses. She meets someone and they go to security at the East gate. 

When they arrive, the man is woken and part of the story, though incomplete, was that he was visiting friends and they threw him out. My neighbor told me he was young, about in his 40's, dressed nicely.
This whole incident  is unacceptable to me. If COPS is going around during the night how did they miss him? 

What did security at the East Gate finally do? why wasn't he arrested for vagrancy; and what kind of "friend' throws another friend out without seeing him out of the village? if they were that upset or angry with him and he had no transportation what did they expect him to do?

And please, if you are going to walk, be out no matter what the time, please take your cell phone and i would call 911.

And a note to all residents: Century Village is a great place to live and each of us is responsible to keep it that way...keep it safe for all your neighbors by paying attention, following the speed limit, don't litter, keep the noise down if you are having company, ...Am i telling you what to do, you betcha. Seems somebody had to. and I do care what happens here, my home.


  1. Simple algebra.


    a= man
    c= man sleeping on mattress next to dumpster at dawn

    b= liquor

    Please don't ask me to show my work.

  2. Right on Ruthie and Donald ---this sort of incident occurs when someone is lax in judgement or lacks judgement ---who throws out a guest indeed ===that's not a person to invite in the first place - seems there are persons not respecting the rules, neighbors and the safety of all. Residents voice concern over possible safety if Reflection Bay becomes a reality - how about being concerned with the here and now. Glad you reported this info Ruthie.

  3. before you jump to any conclusions make sure you are not dealing with a resident of our community.

    we do have some very lonely folks living here and some of them do have a drink or a few and they may get confused. it is not unusual to find some of the elderly abusing some beverages.

  4. Once I took a nap inside a Nativity scene at a church. Priest woke me up. Liquor was involved.


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