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Monday, November 19, 2012

WiFi Status for Century Village

I know everyone (the committee especially) is busy with the planning and implementation of WiFi within Century Village; but it would be appreciated if we could get a status report on when might be a realistic date for it's launch within the Village. I was holding off getting Internet connection from Comcast for when I return in January, 2013, but need to know when we can realistically expect WiFi.

A timeline schedule (if possible) of the implementation steps would be appreciated. This would allow everyone to plan for either cancellation of existing service or create the need to continue or request new service until  WiFi arrives.

Any new information would be appreciated and thanks for the hard work.


  1. It is hard to give a timeline at this point. There is several steps that need to be accomplished yet before we will be up and running. I can say that it will definitely NOT be up on January 1st as I have heard is being rumored. There are issues that has meant dealing with FPL and the county government which you know is hard to get them on a timeline. The infrastructure needs to be in place and we have to go through a bid process for the final part of the process. This means proposals have to be completed, the proposals have to be received, then it goes to the bid committee that makes a recommendation to the officers and it goes to the executive board and then to the delegate body to approve the installation of the infrastructure. We then have to have time to get that into place. Obviously, I (nor anyone else in the village) am not going to be the one to climb poles and on the roofs of the buildings. So we are at the mercy of whoever is hired to provide that service.

    If there are any further questions on the Wi-Fi feel free to e-mail and you will receive an answer. It is checked at least every 48 hours and sometimes more often.

  2. It's good to know some of the steps that need to be taken.
    Of the ones mentioned, which ones (if any) have been taken so far?
    Can our community contribute somehow to expedite the process?

  3. Hi New to CV,
    November 23, 2012 12:40 AM,

    This is a major undertaking,Currently, we are conducting a Survey. We have over 1000 responses. If you would like to help with the survey, contact Anitra at, she will supply you with forms and some ideas on getting them filled in.

    In addition to the survey we are researching viable Vendors, this is proceeding in parallel with preparation of an RFP (Request for Proposal) which will be given simultaneously to the selected Vendors.

    We will also build a Power Point presentation for our residents, to be presented at a town meeting, and in due course seek approval of our Delegates to actually proceed with acquisition and build out of infrastructure.

    If you or anyone wants to help, especially those highly competent with Computers, Networking, Engineering...Etc., apply to join the WiFi committee; become part of the continued effort to bring CV into the 21st. Century and change our image for the better.

    Dave Israel


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