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Sunday, November 25, 2012

workmen noise and mess

are there specific hours when privately hired workmen  within an association may work/generate noise?  I thought they are not supposed to start before 8a and end by 6p?  weekdays but what about weekends - especially Sunday?  Thanks


  1. I don;t know what is in your association's bylaws but I think our bylaws lists no loud noise before 8 and not after 10.

    But that doesn't matter because our trash is picked up at 7 or 7:30 and they don't do it silently.

  2. Hi. Each association has its own rules (or lack thereof) for this item. Since we(CV) are 307 or 309 independent groups, who could police a uniform policy? Not UCO-- as they are not incorporated to do that type of thing. A good question though.

  3. Speak to your president and read your by laws to see what they say or don't say.

  4. Some furniture stores are still convinced that they cannot enter CV to deliver before/after a certain hour.
    Maybe at some point UCO was entrusted to restrict entrance.

    I am not sure if contractors can legally leave tools and machinery overnight in CV.

  5. Not legally leave tools in CV overnight?? What law is that??

  6. © 2004 Palm Beach County - Planning Zoning and Building, ULDC

    Sec.5.E.4.A.1 Purpose and Intent
    Purpose and Intent
    The purpose and intent of this Chapter is to regulate possible nuisances, such as excessive noise, vibration, odors, and outdoor lighting which could interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of land.

    Sec.5.E.4.B.1.e Machinery and Construction Work
    Machinery and Construction Work
    The operation of any machinery, demolition equipment, construction equipment, excavating equipment, power tool, equipment of semi-mechanical device, or undertaking construction work which generates excessive noise at the property line of inhabited residential land between the hours of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Construction work other than minor repairs by a homeowner and work permitted to an owner builder shall be prohibited on Sunday. This restriction shall not prohibit the use of pumps or machinery which, because of their nature and purpose, are required to be in operation 24 hours a day.

  7. Thanks Elaine. Based on what you posted, I see tile cutting and hammering is still permitted on Sundays--which happens all the time at CV. But one can call Palm Beach county and complain about it.


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