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Friday, January 18, 2013

Garcon is still missing...

He's been spotted around the Salisbury and the Easthampton buildings several times in the last 6 days. He's a 3 year old black & white Tuxedo male cat with a smooth short-haired coat. He has white fur on his face & a black spot on his nose, white shoes on his front paws & white socks on his back paws, long legs & tail. He is not wearing a collar. He has never been outside or felt the grass under his front declawed paws. If you see him, please send an e-mail at I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your help. Mariel


  1. spotted Garcon- sun 715pm- median bushes in front of Haverhill guard shack.

  2. Thank you Donald. My little Garcon has been spotter by Salisbury B, Easthampton G and H and now you saw him on the median bushes in front of Haverhill guard shack. Thank you for your report. If you happen to see him again, please e-mail at or call 561-283-9916. Thank you.


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