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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Please talk to your neighbors then tell your Delegate/President to make sure to attend the special Delegate Assembly on Friday, 9:30am, Feb 15th - the only action is to vote on the recall petition. Your delegate needs to reflect your wishes and be responsible. Some people may not know about the meeting and it could be hard to get a quorum. This recall nonsense needs to be over.
The recall instigators continue to try to undermine our village and our terrific volunteers, the instigators have nothing to offer. These are the people who disrupt every meeting and never have a positive thing to say about anything. They are nasty and hateful and incapable of doing anything productive or forward looking.

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  1. Elaine, I agree that as many as possible need to show up, but even more important, every delegate needs to be there. Let's get this issue put to bed.
    I hear that the three musketeers or stooges are intimidating people not to show up at the meeting. Please, for the sake of our village, show up, vote. I don't care which way you vote, just vote. Let's not empower them any longer.


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