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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


A major criticism of those who seek to remove Dave Israel as UCO president is that he didn't follow the advice of those who recommended he stop with the first half of the Village paving project. Dave makes the point that this recommendation was only advisory in nature, and he was not required to follow it. Goodness knows, US presidents sometimes don't follow what their advisors say. But Dave's critics speak as though he was duty bound to follow the advice.

Move to another situation now: the Board of Inquiry decision. On all nine counts the Board's finding, which is ADVISORY in nature, was NOT WORTHY OF REMOVAL FROM OFFICE. If it is as important to always follow the recommendations of these advisory boards and committees as Dave's critics seem to think it is, why don't they drop their plans to have Dave removed from office? Or at least pause to reflect on the fact that this "advisory board" made an important point? But no, so far as I know, they are going full speed ahead in their efforts to oust Dave.

Don't you see the inconsistency here? Dave's critics care very much about what advisory boards say in one instance, but apparently don't care a hoot about them in the other.


  1. Did not the Delegate Assembly vote to continue with the paving??

  2. Yes Grace, drains and paving were a large necessary public works job, the majority of delegates considered that an engineering report was done, + other advice and made their best prudent decision at the time. It was our responsibility as directors to do our best for the village. To guess at the future and blame our president is useless divisive malice.
    I understand your point Lanny, you are not going to get anything rational or useful from the stooges.

  3. I stand corrected, Grace and Elaine, if you are right that the delegate assembly voted to have the second half of the paving done. Regardless, some boards/committees were not in favor as I understood it, so my point remains about the complainants feeling it was important to abide by an advisory board's opinion in one instance, but not (apparently) in pursuing Dave's ouster!

  4. So I ask again, why are we delegates wasting time on Fri with this sham recall effort???

  5. Every delegate needs to be there to ensure the proper representation. If you as a delegate decide it is a waste of time, (which we really know it is,), and decide to stay home, it will only empower the malcontent musketeers. Everyone needs to be there regardless of your view on the matter.
    Lets show some unity as a village.

  6. I agree with Bob Rivera completely. We all need to be there on Friday to support Dave and encourage him that we know he is doing an outstanding job as President of Century Village.

  7. Yes, the delegates did vote to continue the paving job, thereby saving the Village thousands of dollars. I am glad that the sensible delegates have more brains than the malcontents. Furthermore, UCO pays all of its bills on time and to my knowledge always has.


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