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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Election Q&A

Q: Somewhere there was a question of how many open positions are in the March 1 election:

A: The 4 Vice Presidents serve staggered 2-yr terms, therefore, 2 position are open for the next election.
The 20 member Executive Board also serves staggered 2-yr terms, therefore 10 positions are open for this election.
Please! you do not have to vote for 2 or 10 candidates, only vote for the good productive candidates that you know.

Q: What is the term limits bylaw change about?
A: It is odd that of all the officers only the President and Vice Presidents have term limits and cannot run again after 2 terms. Other officers can run repeatedly, presumably because their experience is valuable. Surely the experience of the President and Vice Presidents is equally valuable. 
Also read the article in the UCO Reporter on page A13.
Vote for the bylaw removing term limits for these hard working officers.

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  1. A couple of things:

    1. I had thought term limits might have been a wise thing for UCO to have, but I have found Anita's article in the March Reporter very persuasive. One thing she points out is that term limits are not in effect for the officers other than president and VP, and not in effect in most instances for mayors and governors.

    2. It makes sense (as you say, Elaine) to "bullet" candidates when you vote--that is, to not vote for all you can vote for, but for only two or three, or even only one. If you vote for, say 7, one of them whom you are lukewarm about may beat our your No. 1 choice, because your votes have advanced each one by the same amount.


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