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Friday, February 1, 2013


Why not Impeach the Board Members at U.C.O. that are making such a stink over Dave. They are one hell of a group that are doing nothing to make any progress here in the village. The only progress they will do is for them selves, and put us back. I hope Dave can get another term. Hang in there if you can put up with crap from your buddies.


  1. When it comes to election time, you simply don't vote for the ones you feel are not doing as you like. That is the reason everyone votes on those elected and only give them a two year term. All this impeachment nonsense just puts things in frenzy and makes it hard for the other members to do their job. There should be a forum of all the candidates just like they did of the officers last year and have a chance to ask questions of them. Get to know them. This is the only way to try to be sure you get the people into the office that are for the village not themselves. Be sure that it is not just your delegates that get to know the candidates. And talk among the owners to guide the delegates in the decision. So the vote is the consensus of the owners.

  2. I agree there should be a forum of candidates like they did last year. Background information in the UCO also helps. But there is nothing like personally hearing their views.


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