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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I think UCO should Publish in a box on the front page of the Reporter any and all monies expended because of the malcontents legal fiasco. This should be a monthly feature for all to see. UCO could be spending the money for useful purposes in the community instead of blowing it, defending itself from a crap law suit.


  1. Hi Mike,
    Interesting Idea, I shall bring it up at the UCO Reporter meeting on Friday.

    FYI, the latest figure is over $8,000.00.

    Think about it when you vote for your candidates for VP and Executive Board, one of which is suing us now, and another one who was a co-plantiff in an unnecessary law suit against WPRF; which cost our Residents $700K!!!

    Dave Israel

  2. I agree completely. This nonsense has got to stop. I wonder if there is any way to put a gag order on them. They add nothing to the village.

  3. Amen to Mollie. I think just about everyone is tired of the gang of three. They add nothing to the Village.

  4. As much as I personally agree with these comments, you need to remember that The Reporter has and needs to remain objective.
    Perhaps an accounting of the costs to the residents may be appropriate, but by putting it on the front page month after month, it will just be drawing attention to attention hounds. We all already know that an attention hound loves to hear themselves make noise.

  5. It's a very hard job for the UCO Reporter coeditors to month after month decide what should go in the paper, what should not, what may need a counter-balancing piece (if there is even time), what needs to be shortened, and what needs some of the language toned down. With the relentless arguing that has gone on of late, their job has become more and more difficult. People need to cut Joy Vestal and Myron Silverman some slack and not hold them accountable for every perceived "bias toward the enemy." Nor insist every month that THEIR letter to the editor or other piece be published. Another thing people need to do is get their stuff in ON TIME--or earlier. The coeditors have done yeoman work in my opinion. They have plenty more to do than to constantly be deciding "Has this side had its say?" "Can we run this as it is?" and "Where do we have room for this?"

    This is an appeal for your understanding and consideration of our two coeditors. Thank you.

  6. How about adding something to the sidebar to either give a running total or point to a link where it can be found? That would save having to get the correct number to the Reporter on a monthly basis. There is something to be said for not giving them any more notoriety though.

  7. I may agree with them, I will even go as far as to say I think they're wrong, but you do have to respect their conviction.

  8. I would prefer a huge signpost at the 4-way, with a climbing red line (like United Way) as the law suit tries to put us in the red.

  9. Lanny, I do have understanding and consideration of our two co-editors. However, we are talking about FACTS here, there is no need for balancing. In the case of plain FACTS and budget numbers just print it, also letters that meet guidelines. If they want to balance opinion articles that is another matter.


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