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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

unauthorized rental/squatters

an owner who lives in NY has breached our bylaws and has unilaterally decided to rent out her unit for four wks ---some man who claims to be an assn prez - says he is letting the people in tomorrow - we don't know how he has the keys or his connection to the owner - besides the breach of the rental rule in the bylaw - these people have not been investigated - our prez is attempting to contact the unit owner - we want to know what is protocol to keep these squatters out of the unit/village and who to call for help getting them out - the unknown man who is aiding and abetting these people -says he is bringing them in - that's that ---sorry this is scrambled but another board member and I are really tramatized by this situation - we definitely do not want illegal rentals going on here ---we are in fear for the safety of our assn/neighbors and CV in toto ----thank you anyone w/guidance- we only know that we might have to wait until tomorrow Wed a/m to contact our VP Bob Marshall ---but are hoping to be able to do something tonight


  1. I strongly agree with this resident. The issue of condo corporations ignoring their own by laws puts all of us in jeopardy. The main problem as I see it is each condo corporation is a separate and distinct entity within the boundaries of our development. Remember, UCO has done investigations in the past and recommended a denial of rental to prospective tenants. Yet, boards disregarded that advice and rented to criminals. This type of situation is an Achilles heel of our development.

    Fundamental changes in the development"s by laws will have to be made to give protection to our community. Whether such change is possible on both a legal and practical fronts is another question.

  2. You could begin the process of a bylaw change to allow for fining owners who break bylaws and regulations.(for next time)

    Changing locks does not seem quite appropriate but WeKey is right across the street if you need them 686.7831

  3. Perhaps you have some time to stop into UCO Wednesday,
    So we might give some suggestions in investigations.

    Your problem comes up frequently from a number of poorly
    Run Boards.

    We have become well versed in solutions, but the
    answere must be directed to more information about this incident, and that will help us offer solutions.

  4. Thanks Ed -apparently you spoke w/ our assn prez Roger last evening and he is headed to UCO this morning ---this rental issue should be frightening to all CVers who are concerned about safety - and Elaine- I have been on the same thought about bylaws/fining owners who decide to do as they please -when we buy, we agree to abide by the rules - a lot of people then elect to ignore the rules ---I do know if someone rents for short term- I believe they can be reported/required to pay the county bed tax - again thanks to all who come to the rescue/offer support as always -


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