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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What is happening with the ClubHouse Inside Pool and the showers?

What is happening with the ClubHouse Inside Pool and the showers? The water is sol cold. It is been 3 weeks we can not go to the inside pool. And the last offical notice is when we learned that it was open. The door is open but the system dont work. My wife has health problem and the warm water we use to have at the inside pool was helpfull for her. At least can you just tell us what is happening and when. And put sing on the door telling that the showers dont work and the water is cold, so we dont learn when you open the water. This lack of information is inacceptable.


  1. Hi all,
    I am in regular communication with WPRF on this issue.

    Dan Cruz, chief of CENREC maintenance is working the problem, we have installed new equipment called heat exchangers, the new gear requires adjustment and tweaking; but in due course, will work fine, and save the Resident lots of money.

    So, please do not jump to conclusions and unfounded criticism, everything will work out for the best.

    Dave Israel

  2. Thank you David. I appreciate your answer. I know that you have other things to think those days.
    Maybe Dan Cruz can make here some follow-up of what is happening and maybe put come signs to inform people what is going on (ie if the hot water of the showers dont work).
    Thank you,

    Marc Barriere


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