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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Beware the Scam

I received a call today that the caller ID identified as a number (692-4246) in Bel Glade, FL.  The lady identified herself as being from some medical center but she said it so fast that I didn't get the name of the company.  Since my husband sees a lot of doctors, I waited to see what she wanted.  The first question was does anyone in your home use a nebulizer?  Then she asked if anyone in the family used diabetic supplies.  The red flags started to fly for me.  If it was a facility that we were being treated at, they would have had this information already.  When I stated that my phone was on the national no-call list, she got defensive and said that that didn't matter.  I googled the number and found that it is a company that has been getting people's insurance information (mostly medicare) billing medicare for items that are never issued.  There are reports of the calls from as early as August or 2012.  This is a total scam.

I turned the information over to PBSO but they said they are unable to act on it unless someone actually gave them their insurance information or money.

Please be sure of who you are talking to on the phone and protect yourself.  Do not give information out to anyone unless you are absolutely sure who you are talking to.

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