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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

condo insurance

any  good  leads  think im  paying  over  the  top  625  thanks


  1. Hi Alan,

    Please make appointment with Toni our Insurance Chair at UCO.

    Dave Israel

  2. thanks for being on top of it i do think this is an issue worthy of in depth reporting again thx

  3. I'm in the same boat, alankirsch, paying well over $600. I've tried other agencies and companies, no luck. I've tried cutting down on the coverages, not much luck there either. It's not as though I'm asking for homeowner's insurance coverage for the first year--I've had it for many years, and no claims. What's annoying is the fact our condo homeowner's isn't covering the roof, insulation, ceilings and walls--it's covering only "from the paint inside." And what's especially annoying is the fact that some of my neighbors' condo homeowner's insurance policies cost only $250-350 a year. "Let sleeping dogs lie," I tell them

    I almost dropped the coverage in 2013, but then decided that the amount I was ARGUING about (the difference between my rate and a "decent" rate) was only about $300, so I paid for another year. But I'm not a happy camper. Toni tried to help me a couple of years ago, but I had no luck trying the agencies she suggested at that time.

  4. A "P.S.," alankirsch:
    I switched my car insurance a couple of years ago from State Farm, which kept adding a hundred dollars every year, to Met Life & Auto and got essentially the same coverage for HALF the cost. What I paid State Farm for a half year was enough to pay for the whole year with Met Life & Auto. So I checked Met Life to see if they had condo homeowner's insurance. Answer: no, or at least they don't sell it in this state.

  5. Lanny, you should check with Met Life again. I got coverage from them last year for our condo here.

  6. i visited toni who was very informative thx


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