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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Unmitigated Gall: The Lawsuit Against UCO

At Friday's Delegates Assembly David Israel said that the lawsuit against UCO brought by Jerry Karpf and Myron Solomon could go into mediation and ultimately to court—and that Mr. Karpf has sent a letter stating that his and Mr. Solomon’s legal costs should be paid by UCO. My mother would have called this unmitigated gall. Her term is too gentle by far.

Recently, Jerry and Myron (and assorted cohorts) were defeated when delegates voted resoundingly, 161-4, against their effort to recall David. That very same day they filed a lawsuit against UCO. The charges that failed in the recall effort were essentially the same ones in the lawsuit, but the new wrinkle was the $392,000 they were suing for, and now we have the request for UCO to pay their legal fees.

So two members of UCO are suing UCO for a ridiculous sum of money for baseless claims that delegates already rejected. And they want UCO to pay their costs for suing us. Welcome to the Theater of the Absurd. Disgruntled attention seekers creating the drama they live for. A lawsuit because they can’t figure out how to win an argument without one. A back-handed attempt to gain control of the Village without winning an election. And oh yes, let’s see how much money we can get. This would all be comical if it weren’t so sad.

Never mind that the insurance carrier for our directors & officers (D&O) insurance could jack up our rates because of the suit or drop us completely; rates would no doubt skyrocket with the next carrier. The legal fees and disruption of a pointless lawsuit could end up costing us dearly even if we were to win and they were to lose. Are we supposed to believe that these people care about the Village?

If the actors in this two-thumbs-down drama (all due respect to the late Roger Ebert) believed so much in their cause, you’d think they’d ante up their own money to pursue it. Could Mssrs. Karpf and Solomon really believe we should pay for them to sue us?

We need to hear more about our attorney’s guidance once bylaws have been reviewed and our options clarified, especially the impact our 349 delegates could have on the process.  If we get to the point that we are asked to opt in or opt out of this lawsuit brought laughingly on behalf of the Village, we should stand firm and say that we will not be a party to this travesty. In the meantime, let's do everything we can to be sure it doesn't get that far.

We have met the enemy and it is us: UCO members suing UCO and willing to go to any lengths to destroy good people and the community they themselves live in. Right-minded delegates will defeat them once again (161-4, remember?), but what a waste of time and energy.


  1. That is called "CHUTZPA"

    Well said Anita!

  2. You have stated the situation perfectly. No writer could have done it better. What's going on is absolutely absurd. Too bad we have to contend with this nonsense. Many thanks for your superb writing.

  3. Myron Solomon's last lawsuit cost the Village $700,000.00. Instead of UCO paying their lawyer's expenses why not assess them the cost of our lawyer?

  4. Hi all,
    An incredibly incisive bit of writing, it should go into the UCO Reporter for all to read!

    Mr. Karpf said it all, when he had the chutzpah to rise at Delegate
    Assembly and say "I'm Jerry Karpf, you all know me"

    Yes we do Jerry, and we are learning more about you every day!!!

    Dave Israel

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  6. It's unbelievable what this has come to. Thank you for putting the situation so clearly before us, Anita. We need reminding of what has happened and where things are at. "The pen is mightier than the sword" has never been more true than when the pen has been in your hands. "Incisive" is right.

    The further down the road this ridiculous suit goes, the more I believe we see the true colors of those who pursue it: they've not had the Village's interests in mind as much as they have had their own prestige.

    I think two reasons the motion to get rid of term limits on the UCO president and vice presidents didn't get the needed 2/3 vote (though it did get a majority) are that this came up so quickly on the heels of the move to oust Dave, and people need time to think about these things. I agree it should be pursued again. Many have pointed out how illogical and unfair it is to have term limits on only these five officers and not the others. Hard-working, effective and caring VP Barbara Cornish resigned in indignation over this. Many have made the point that there is a crying NEED for these experienced officers--and we cut them out?

  7. Thanks to all who have commented. I accidentally deleted a post noting that by the time this lawsuit plays out Dave might be near or at the end of his second term. Yet Solomon and Karpf would drag us through the turmoil and cost just to see him serve one month, one week or one day less of his term. True colors indeed.

    Good points on removal of term limits. Officers who have proven they have the best interests of the Village at heart (and a proven track record) deserve a chance to make their case to voters for another term. We need the best talent we've got to lead us in these challenging times.

    One more thought on the UCO lawsuit: the PAC Committee is paying its own way with fundraising to support a lawsuit to overturn the County Commissioners' decision on the golf course. Let's give credit where credit is due. They are taking financial responsibility for furthering their cause. Jerry and Myron are doing no such thing.

  8. Hi all,

    I seek information to confirm or deny the incredible rumor, that Messrs Solomon & Karpf approached Mark Pafford's Office, asking that they provide them with a Florida lawyer to prosecute their frivolous law suit!!!

    Can anyone with actual information on this rumor please advise.

    Dave Israel

  9. Delegates are these the people you might want to run for office. You the delegates should THINK before you vote on an amendment. You are cutting you chance to vote for viable candidates..We need people whom care about our village...not sue us.

  10. I am asking this with sincerity, is there any way we could sue them for their constant harassment?


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