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Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hi David,   Thanks to the board for remembering Boston attacks with a moment of silence.  One thing that was bought  up by John Gluszak, that I thought got little attention, was the showing of ID's rathering than using transponder.  Our guards can't be that busy at that hour and I feel would help our security.  What do you and fellow bloggers think about John's  idea?


  1. I would not be in favor of it unless there was clear evidence the new system was causing a problem, unsolvable by other means. For one thing, some of us with transponders forget our IDs--we shouldn't, I know, but we do. I've had this happen when the transponder gate is not working, and to save a hassle I've gone through the transponder lane at the other gate. You can't do this late at night, though. I don't believe in unnecessary make-work solutions.

  2. Hi Norma,
    I see this question as one of personal liberty, and must ask, how much restriction and lockdown are we willing to accept.

    If we turn off the Transponder lanes at 12 midnight, all of us returning from a night out for movies, theater, or with friends will be channeled through the visitor lane.

    Why did we pay for the convenience of the Transponder lane?
    The problem that John raises of illicit guests coming into our Village at night, will not be stopped, because the unit owner will simply call these reprobates through the gates; thus, what have we accomplished?

    Having said all of this, this decision is very much up to the Delegates, if a motion is made and passed, so it shall be written, and so it shall be done.

    Dave Israel

  3. Hi All,

    Grace sends the following:
    I did not pay for a transponder to have to dig in my purse to show my ID.
    As far as security all one has to do is walk across the golf course to be in the village.

    Would you please be so kind as to put my remark on the blog.

    Thanks, regards,


  4. Agreed, KISS (keep it simple **) We have too many picky harassing rules.


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